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Balanced Physical Therapy Welcomes You!

What do I do if I need physical therapy?


For a consultation with one of our therapists, simply call our office and we will schedule an appointment for you.  In most cases a physician referral is not necessary, however some insurance carriers do require a physican prescription for therapy if an insurance claim is to be submitted.  If you were referred to us by your physican and given a prescription, please bring a copy of your prescription for our records.  Also, if we will be submitting a claim to your medical insurance, bring your current insurance card.


What can I expect on my first visit?


Please come to your first appointment 10 minutes early to briefly fill out paperwork.  A physical therapist will then take a detailed medical history including your current complaint, and perform a detailed examination.  The therapist will discuss his/her findings with you, answer any questions and discuss the treatment plan, goals and expectations.  Your therapist may give you a few exercises to perform at home until your next visit.  


What should I wear?


Please wear loose fitting clothing so the therapist can expose the area to be examined.  For females, please wear a sports type bra if your therapist will be examining your upper extremities or back.


What are my payment options?


We take insurance from most medical insurance carriers.  Your current insurance information will be collected prior to your initial evaluation and treatment. We will make a reasonable attempt to verify your insurance coverage and inform you of any anticipated out-of-pocket expenses; however, it is your responsibility to know your coverage benefits and limitations.  Will will submit In-Network insurance claims on your behalf.


We are currently In-Network with the following insurance carriers:




Rocky Mountain Health Plans

United Healthcare



Pinnacol Assurance and other workers comp plans

Town of Telluride - UC Health

Town of Mountain Village


Please call us if your insurance is not listed above and we will help verify your benefits and coverage.


If you do not have insurance or wish to pay out of pocket, we have an affordable cash payment program.  Please call our office for details.  We accept Visa, Mastercard and AmEx







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